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Visual Studio 11 Beta Download


After Windows 8 Consumer preview released to public download, Microsoft also announced the Beta version of the Visual Studio 11 (Visual studio 2012) download for developer testing purposes.

Visual Studio 11

As Microsoft Visual Studio 11 is the upcoming windows application development tool seamlessly spans the entire life cycle of software creation, including architecture, user interface design, code creation, code insight and analysis, code deployment, testing and validation.

Visual Studio 11 download

Visual Studio 11 workspace download

Microsoft Visual Studio 11 also adds support for the most advanced Microsoft platforms, including Windows 8 and Windows Azure, and enables you to target platforms across devices, services and the cloud. Plus more, it also integrated with Team Foundation Server allows the entire team, from the customer to the developer, to build scalable and high-quality applications to exacting standards and requirements.

Major Unique features on Visual Studio 11 Beta:

• Reduced toolbar commands

To help free up precious workspace, Microsoft has reduced the number of default commands that show on toolbars in the user interface. These commands can still be accessed through the drop-down menus or added back onto the toolbar if the user wants them, but now the default work area is significantly larger. For example, the cut, copy and paste toolbar commands were removed because research has shown that most developers use the keyboard shortcuts instead.

• Simplified graphics

“Visual Studio 11” eliminates the use of color within tools except in cases where color is used for notification or status change purposes. Now, the user interface competes far less with the developer’s content. Other user interface graphics, such as line work and iconography, also have been simplified to be less distracting.

• Comprehensive search

“Visual Studio 11” features a comprehensive search capability, allowing developers to quickly find what they are looking for within commands and configuration options, tool windows, and open files.

• Workflow hubs

New workflow hubs combine common tasks into one simplified window. Rather than force developers to interact with two or more tool windows to get tasks done, ”Visual Studio 11” streamlines common tasks so that many can be accomplished from within a single window.

• Preview Tabs

Developers can view the contents of documents using new Preview Tabs, which get reused as the developer works. As a result, developers no longer end up with large numbers of extraneous documents open as a byproduct of common tasks such as debugging or browsing results.

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Windows Studio 11 Download Link and other related Visual Studio products:

Besides that, Microsoft also released Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview Training Kit, which includes hands-on labs to help you understand how to take advantage of the variety of enhancements in Visual Studio 11 and the .NET Framework 4.5, how to support and manage the entire application lifecycle and how to build Windows 8 Metrostyle apps.

Download Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Developer Training Kit