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Windows 8 Gets A User Friendly BSoD


What is the Blue Screen of Death, and why is this a more user friendly version in Windows 8?  Blue Screen of Death, often referred to as BSOD, is the blue death screen that appears when the Windows operating system experiences a software breakdown or malfunction which is critical.

A restart of the system is required any time this screen appears, and in early versions of Windows BSOD screen could cause panic even in highly experienced and knowledgeable users because of the screen appearance and associated problems. As the Windows operating system has evolved the Blue Screen of Death has also changed for the better. The Blue Screen of Death Blue Screen of Death Windows 8 version is far better than numerous earlier versions, however there is still little technical information about the actual problem given when this screen appears.

Windows 8 BSOD Screen:

Windows 8 BSOD

The very first BSOD which appeared was in the initial Windows 1 and Windows 2 operating systems, and consisted of a blue background covered with white symbols which did not provide any assistance concerning the error that caused this screen to appear or even attempt to identify the error itself. The Windows 95 version and Windows 98 version changed this problem, and the Blue Screen of Death showed a message which was a little more user friendly. Instructions on how to restart the system were shown, along with a specific error message code. Windows 2000 added more information to the BSOD that was helpful to users, including possible steps to correct the error.

Starting with Windows XP, and included in Windows Vista and Windows 7, was a BSOD which was highly informative, but also highly technical. The typical user would not be able to understand all of the information that this screen provided but a computer technician or programmer could. This version includes the specific error that occurred by name, not just a code number. There is a section of the bottom of this version of the Blue Screen of Death that actually lists technical information related to the error. The BSOD for Windows 8 has received a makeover, and the newest version is more user friendly, but does not contain a lot of the technical information that the previous screen version provided. The actual error is listed along with a suggestion to learn about solutions to this specific error online, but that is the only technical information displayed in the Windows 8 BSOD.

The extremely user friendly Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death still involves the famous blue screen dreaded by any user, but Windows has made the entire experience less stressful. A sad face emoticon appears on the screen, along with a very polite message that states “ Your PC ran into a problem that it couldn’t handle, and now it needs to restart.” The sad face conveys the message that the system is sad that this error has occurred, and the user will typically find this screen a better alternative to past versions. It is bad enough when the Blue Screen of Death appears, but when this screen contains technical information the user does not understand this can compound the problem significantly.

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