Gliffy – Online Diagram Tools


Gliffy, Online diagram tool that works entirely in your browser. Gliffy is an web based Visio killer diagram tools can draw a various types of diagram like FlowChart, Development process, Web Layout, Floor plan, Class diagram, network diagram and etc.

Gliffy Floor Plan

You can simple use Gliffy online diagram services by sign up account freely and start drawing and assemble your diagram online. Meanwhile, your diagram drawings can be shared with others via your blog or website, collaborated on by a group, and placed into documents when complete.

The Gliffy diagram usage is very similar like visio and it takes me more than 10 minutes to finish one diagram. But the limitation on Gliffy online diagram services is the services is a web based application and very relay on the internet speed.


Gliffy online diagram creator offers more diagram option such as SWOT diagram, Wireframes, UML , ORG chart and business proces modeling.

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  • janeth

    how to save my work to my personal computer?

  • km


    You can download your diagram work under “File” options.

  • Jackson Gatdula

    I like this because accessible and convient.

  • J.M.

    I’ve been using Lucidchart – – for a long time. Decided I’d try Gliffy out to see if it’s gotten better since I first tested it a couple years ago. It’s made some improvements but still lags far behind Lucidchart.