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1745 is a web based instant messaging service where you can instant message your friends on AIM, Google Talk, MSN, and Yahoo Messenger. It’s Ajax based online tool.

imoim - Web instant messenger lets you IM your friends from various IM clients, such as AIM, Google Talk, Live Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger, similar to Meebo. is easy to use and user friendly. Just enter your username and password and select the service that you want to log in to. You can login to all your 4 IMs at one time.

imoim - web IM screenshot was launched in April by Ralph and Praveen with a couple cool features. Recently they’ve just added video chat feature on

Video Chat enables you to conduct simple and easy-to-use video chat sessions. As long as you and the person you call both have webcams. There are no downloads required, but you will need Flash 8 in order to use the new features. You can chat with two or three people, VentureBeat teaches you how to do three-way video chat.

Group Chat

Group Chat feature lets you invite buddies from all four instant messengers that are currently supported. With this, you can start group chats with users across networks. Your buddies do not have to sign into to use the group chat feature.

Linking Accounts

You can link the active accounts in the session by clicking ‘Link Accounts’ button in the ‘Accounts’ menu. When you link your accounts, logging into any one of your linked accounts will automatically sign you into the other accounts.

Fore more features, visit the Help page for a step by step through the various features of IMO. Although is still in the Alpha stage, it is already working fine in my opinion.

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