Kaspersky Rescue Disk – Load Kaspersky AntiVirus 2009 Using DOS


Kaspersky Rescue Disk , bootable DOS Based Kaspersky Antivirus perform virus scanning and remove viruses on Windows without booting the operating system first. Using Kaspersky rescue disk to remove anti virus consider the most safety way without risking your computer OS getting infected again.

Kaspersky Rescue Disk able remove known viruses, trojans, worms and other malicious software similar like Desktop Kaspersky antivirus. Plus more, any computer with CD rom can perform kaspersky rescue disk to scan their computer hard disk which it’s totally independent from the installed operating system. However, kaspersky Rescue Disk has limitation or disadvantage which the virus definitions cannot be updated. This mean any kaspersky virus definition update require to download full boot disk and burned to CD again.

The best part is you can download kaspersky Rescue Disk freely and burn DOS based anti virus into bootable CD media.

Howto Use kaspersky Rescue Disk as Bootable DOS Antivirus:

1. Download Kaspersky Rescue Disk Kaspersky Rescue Disk ISO file

2. Burn the Kaspersky Rescue Disk ISO image to a CD media using CD/DVD burning software.

3. Once finish burn Kaspersky Rescue Disk into bootable CD media, insert Bootable kaspersky Rescue Disk CD into CD ROM and boot the computer by loading CD ROM media first.

4. Then a DOS screen will be loading below. Hit Enter to start booting the DOS Kaspersky AntiVirus using Linux. Kaspersky Rescue Disk startup

5. Finally a Kaspersky AntiVirus 2009 GUI  will be appear. Just check the hard drives that you want to scan virus or other malicious thread. Kaspersky AntiVirus 2009 GUI

As Kaspersky Rescue Disk is the most secure way to remove virus or other thread from your computer because sometimes is tough to remove virus when windows is running. So the most effective way of removing virus is when they are inactive. Plus more, Kaspersky Rescue Disk works as on-demand virus scanner that allows you to scan and remove virus without booting in Windows.

Updates:  Another better Kaspersky Rescue Disk version to scan virus and remove virus:

1. Kaspersky Rescue Disc 2010
2. Create Bootable Kaspersky USB Rescue Disk

  • Sara

    I ended up with a bad virus, that caused my computer to restart before Windows could load. My options in f8 did not work. I tried everything. The info I did find, did not help, because I could not get into my computer. I ended up finding info about Kaspersky antivirus bootable disk. I figured this would not work either, but I was wrong. It took 17 hours to run, but it found the viruses. I was then able to load Windows and install my Anti-Virus software back on my computer and run it. I found 3 more viruses so far. The Kaspersky disk said that it was out of date, or it probably would have found them too. I would recommend this disk to anyone.

  • km


    You can try out BitDefender Rescue Disk which have virus definition updates features. It’s more advanced than Kaspersky AntiVirus Rescue Disk

  • kenneh

    did anyone know how to update the virus definition of kaspersky rescue cd ….

  • Akanaz

    I’ll try both, for free!

  • tLogbon

    Please help me out.
    I have downloaded the image.
    But after i try loading the CD by pressing enter. I get the follwoing message
    Loading rescue.igz…………………
    The cursor blinks then the system goes off.
    I’ve tried using rescue-safe and I still get same error.
    I’ve done this on several systems and still I get the same error, the Kaspersky Interface never comes up, instead the system restarts

  • km


    is there any error pop up ?

    or you try using BitDefender rescue disk which is more advanced than kaspersky rescue disk….

  • ruben suarez

    utilize el programa, lo que no comprendo que despues de conectarse a internet y bajar supuestamente la actualizacion al final de intentar de eliminar los virus informa que la bd esta corrupta.
    otra no se ve por ningun lado las opciones para eliminar o mandar el virus a algun lado me lo pueden explicar.


    It always gets stuck on this line.

    Loading rescue.igz…………………

    After that, nothing happens. Please advise.

  • That’s for LINUX. And doesn’t boot up with Windows XP.

  • ariesboy

    @ GT NUPE
    For any Linux based rescue cd, make sure that you do not go through a KVM. Cheap KVMs will not pass the VESA BIOS Extensions (VBE) information from the monitor to the video card and therefore the Linux environment can not auto configure the H sync or V sync for the monitor. The end result is a blank screen.

  • Eric

    Sigh. The rescue CD is trying to use a video screen resolution that the monitor doesn’t support, so I get a blank screen and a message from the monitor that the video mode isn’t supported.

    I had to go and look up the keyboard shortcuts to change the X11 resolution – I don’t know whether your config supports it or not, but that’s my only hope to use this thing right now.

  • Eric

    There must be something wrong with the NTFS drivers on this rescue CD. I was able to run it, and it seemed to be somewhat reasonable. But when it shut down, it seemed to get hung on the way down. It was busy as can be doing something. As it turns out, it was busily deleting files – there was hardly anything left when it got done, as a matter of fact.

    Fortunately I had made a full backup before I started cleaning this disk, so I am now in the process of restoring. Which of course means that I will have to re-run a number of tools and all that.

    But I will *NEVER* use this rescue CD for anything again.

  • danny


    I have winxp , When I run the bitdefender resque disk, It loads the linux inv and while its loading, IT SHUTS DOWN MY PC. I need to clear the cmos with the jumper in order to get my system strated again.

    Why is this happening to me?

  • seo

    That’s for LINUX. And doesn’t boot up with Windows XP.

  • Mike Wilsher

    This rescue CD is NOT DOS based its linux based.

  • churchtech

    process stops at “Making swap …” and never gets to GUI. What’s up?

  • taigaw

    Tried Kapersky last night on a laptop I was fixing. Got IO type errors while loading, so I gave up and used Avira rescue CD. It’s Linux based and has Update functionality as well. It worked great. You can look for the download here: http://www.free-av.com/en/tools/12/avira_antivir_rescue_system.html

    It’s free too, so happy virus hunting!

  • game

    A very interesting article!
    I liked!
    I would be here now go more often!

  • The link to download the ISO has changed to http://devbuilds.kaspersky-labs.com/devbuilds/RescueDisk/

    By the way, great website! Keep it up!

  • km


    Thanks for Bruno for the new Kaspersky Rescue Disk Link

  • foo

    It’s not DOS. It’s obvious that it is LINUX.

  • Paul

    I boot with Kaspersky rescue disk All OK but upon rebooting computer I had a massage : MBR Error3 then normal boot. What is wrong?

  • Chin Perera

    Got a virus on one of the PCs. It would bootup and load windows, but not load explorer. Repaired windows installation using the XP installation disk, took about 1.5 hors to repair, but at least it boots up and load explorer, msconfig and regedit. Still unable to load antivirus, not surf the web. Whenever we I start windows explorer, the OS tries to install adobe acrobat 7. Isuspects it not really acrobat 7. PC had Mcafee Internet security installed, with a current subscription.

    Called Mcafee tech support and instead of helping me resolve this issue, they were too busy trying to flog their 129.00 AUD virus removal service. I tried to explain there was little or no networking for them to remotely log into this PC, but to no avail. Had strong words with them and hung up. Guess which anti virus provider will not be receiving any repeat business from myself or any of the many sites that have installed mcAfee on my recommendation.

    I will give Kaspersky rescue disk a go and see if it’s any good.

  • Manuel Aguilera

    It looks pretty much like DOS, but it is many many times better. From the editorial perspective I recognize that many end users might not really care about the differences between DOS and Linux. But without going into detail of how linux can look for viruses in ADSs and DOS cannot, well, let us just say that for the average techie it hurts to read a reference to DOS.

  • Getting error, Database are Obsolete, so the Fix It option does not work, neither does the update. However I can run a scan, which it did find one Trojan, but windows still will not boot up. Please advise

  • bob

    This CD is USELESS! the image is only for the 08 version which it tells me is out of date, It detects 2 viruses on my pc, but has no option to remove them. The tab for removing them has nothing listed! USELESS!!!!!!

  • jellboi

    hey can anyone tell me how much time will kaspersky rescue disk will take to scan my laptop.
    I have vista with 2gb RAM.
    I kept for 3 hrs after all the initial procedure but nothing turned up my screen.


    I downloaded this useless piece of junk that after installation keeps asking for updating the database of virus definitions.

  • BOB

    Useless, it can not not find updated virus db

  • Revan343

    *snicker* “DOS based”.
    Well, I guess…Disc Operating System. It’s an OS, and it /is/ on a Disc…but wait, DOS is Disk Operating System, not Disc, so I can’t even argue that. 😉

    As many people have already said, it’s Linux, not MS-DOS. It even says “ISOLINUX” in the screenshot. A slight fail on their part, eh?

  • Jerade

    HAHAHAHA Wonderfully powerful utility that is there. However, in order to feel familiar with Windows users, they said it would show a DOS screen when in fact it’s a UNIX screen since this nifty little LiveCD OS is built on the Gentoo Linux kernel.

    Bravo for ingenuity to Kaspersky and BitDeffender and the rest of ’em.

    . . . ‘cuz you can’t expect Windows to be able to do it by itself. . .

  • Jerade

    ++ To the people flaming about this disk being useless, update the f***ing thing. It works if you’re not a complete dumbass and actually update it. I’m sure an internet connection isn’t that hard to get for people who actually think to use this disk. . .

  • Jerade

    +++ If a virus infects critical OS files that Windows needs, Linux won’t think twice remove them. This may cause error messages on some machines depending on the level of infection. One computer I’ve used it on can’t boot any more, but that doesn’t mean that it’s beyond connecting the hardisk to another computer and pulling the personal files.

  • Jimbo

    “+++ If a virus infects critical OS files that Windows needs, Linux won’t think twice remove them”
    Actually it will – if you ignore prompts, that’s your own fault…

  • dim sum

    require assistance with kaspersky resuce disk , had laptop infected worm.32 virus, installed kaspersky internet security 2010, once intalled, updated databases, quaranted files, upon restart my windows will not boot, continues to auto log me off, tried rescue disk, in rescue-safe mode – last screen has kavrescue ^ # on it , am i suppose to enter some sort of command prompt? any assistance is appreciated..

  • Rick

    Hey all! Rookie here with a question of how to update Kasperskey rescue cd when it is in use. I can’t connect using wireless obviously. I tried going direct connect but system says can’t find realtek adapter.
    The reason I am wanting to do this is because I want to keep the virus db on this disc as current as possible.

    Also I had no luck running bitdefender or avira from boot mode.
    If you have a reply that might direct me please send it to rickyaconner@hotmail.com
    Thanks for all the help!!!


  • Dano

    To all of you. 1st – Its sas linux, because it is made as a linux product. It starts separate from Windows and does its job because Windows can’t. It does not care that you have Windows. Just let it run for however long it takes. Do not give up and follow the instructions.when prompted. Use the safe mode option if you have problems and make sure you are a connected via a LAN line and it will get the updates.

    • Techguy

      Windows is not an anti virus – neither is Linux, so don’t say that Linux can do it cuz Windows can’t. Kapersky is merely loading in a Linux environment to run.

  • Vidya

    The Kasper sky rescue disk is not getting loaded when the system is booted. It enters into windows XP directly. Can anyone suggest how to run the rescue disk..

    • Clash_fanatic

      go to BIOS setup change our “First Boot” option to CD/DVD drive save it and reboot.. another option press F12 during BOOT to prompt you to “Boot Menu” then select your DVD drive..

  • Eric

    Used Kasperksy to destroy Anticmos virus in my XP driven PC but it didn’t he[p. Is there another solution?

  • Pal

    i bought a newDell Laptop with no active Virus Software in place. My wife somehow insert a memory stick which was infected with virus and eventually this infected my Latop.

    Do you its safew to use kav_rescue_2008

  • you can still use DOS and this article for Kaspersky 🙂