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Recuva is another well known and user friendly data recovery program which is based on Windows. This program has well established itself because of its competence and skill to restore and recover files from MP3 players, memory cards, USB drives and of course hard drives. Recuva has been broadly accepted by users and experts as it provides with customized and specific search options for speedy and detailed recovery of data. The overall data rescue tool does not occupy much of your computer space and runs the recovery session within seconds. In addition, Recuva has also been successful in recovering lost files and data from iPods. Professionals and many other recognized companies and Government authorities also use Recuva for swift data recovery.

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PhotoRec – Photo Data Recovery

photo recovery

PhotoRec is famous data rescue software created to recuperate missing and deleted files from digital camera memory, hard disks, and many more such external digital drives. PhotoRec is made available to its users under the GNU General Public License. PhotoRec does not consider the file system when restoring, hence the program will recover files speedily even if the file system is damaged or corrupted. PhotoRec has a special program that allows recovery after analyzing and evaluating the loss, it’s strategic and in depth programming helps you recover data with high end security and speed. PhotoRec is considered to be a safer option when dealing with sensitive data loss.

Recover My Files

Recover my files

Recover My Files is a very advanced file recovery system that is a little harder to use than Digital Rescue Premium. It offers most of the same features as the above, as well as a few more like being able to recover files that were lost with a deleted or renamed partition. They also come with live chat support which is nice if you can’t seem to get a feature running. On the downside you will have a harder time making this software work because it’s just more complicated.

Advanced Disk Recovery

advanced disk recovery

Advanced Disk Recovery is a cheaper alternative to both of the above data rescue products but it lacks some of the more useful features that the others have like email recovery, image file creation, and network recovery. It does support all three of the Windows Operating Systems that the others support and has the same level of customer service. All in all it is a good contender to the other software but if you are willing to spend an additional 10 to 20 dollars you can get all of those additional features.
With data recovery software there is nothing to be troubled about when you lose your important data. These data rescue software allow you to recover and restore your precious data within minutes and it restores them at the required place. Hence, it is judicious to spend in data recovery software for trouble free data storing.


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