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Best Free Conference Call List

skype conference call

The existing of free conference call (or known as online meeting) services have enable many peoples to communicate nationally and globally freely over the Internet. Plus more, free conference call services can save lots of time and money on travel expenses to improve human communication more efficiency.

Free conference calls or online meeting can be established easily either conference calls downloading applications on each of the participants’ computers, or by using a web-based program that sends out net meeting invites over email.

Over here, i have gathered a free conference calls application / services list as below to enable making free conference calls or video call conferencing anywhere in the world.

Best Free Conference Call List:

Skype – Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Software

skype conference call

Skype perhaps is the most popular VoIP software that enables you make free calls anywhere in the world. You can easily join Skype, and download their VoIP software onto your windows / linux / mac computer and even smart mobile phones. Besides making free calls among Skype user, it also allows you establishing voice / video conferencing calls with several skype user together at the same time. Now you can even add up to 10 persons in a single video conference session.

PS: Skype also provides low-cost unlimited calling plans to landlines and mobile phones around the world.

Free Conference calling

free conference calling - online free conference call

Free Conference calling is a web based free conference call services able to host 500 callers on a single free conference call session. Each conferencing call session can be conference up to maximum six hours.  Plus more, each conference calls session will be recorded for easy reference and playback via MP3.

Totally Free Conference

Totally free conference is another online free conference call services similar like free conference calling, It allows you host up to 250 participant per conference calls. During conference calls session, there is a moderator dashboard features to help conference moderator tracking the participants in real time (aka live conference viewer). Plus more, all conference calls that make will be recorded fully for reference purpose.

Other conference call features like call detail reports and 24/7 replay line.

Rondee – Online Conference Call

rondee conference call

Rondee is a free conference call HD services to meet your needs. It lets you arrange and have phone conference calls with professional colleagues, club members, friends or family.

To get started,  all you need is register and login to your account, then choose the conference date and time, and fill-in conference participants. After that, Rondee will send each participant an email with unique conference access code and a link to a conference details page. On the selected conference date, participant will call 619-2-RONDEE (619-276-6333) and enters his / her access code.

There are a lot of free conference call software or services out there. Most of them required fees or subscription. Unlike three conference calls software / services that i mention over here. If know other totally free conference call software / services, share with us and other readers know. 🙂