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Raptor – Free RapidShare Download Manager


Previously i have listed down rapidshare download manager list to download rapidshare files over rapidshare network. And now, i came across another excellent rapidshare download manager call Raptor.

Raptor - Free Rapidshare Manager

Raptor is a free RapidShare download manager that allows you manage and add multiple rapidshare files download links in queue and downloads them one by one without having you to start each download yourself.  Meanwhile, Raptor interface is very user-friendly and you can download / schedule your files from Rapidshare easily.

All you need to do is click on jobs >  add download > add the rapidshare download links > choose the folder where to save those files and you’re done. Meanwhile, Raptor Rapidshare download manager works on both Windows XP and Vista with .NET Framework 2.0 or higher installed.

Download Raptor- free rapidshare download manager

Besides Raptor, there are other rapidshare download tools like Rapget, JDownloader, Rapidshare manager 2 and Rapidshare Auto Downloader can become your rapidshare download management tools.