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Free Computer Memory Diagnostic Software


Here is a set of free Computer memory diagnostic software that allows user  performs memory diagnostic on their computer’s memory RAM and generate details memory test report for reference purposes.

As most of you know, Computer memory RAM plays an important role inside your computer performance. Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell whether a particular system hardware failure or system latency is caused by bad RAM chip or due to some other computer problems.

If you’re suspecting your computer memory RAM can’t run smoothly accordingly, below is a set of computer memory test diagnostic tools that allow you test out your computer RAM performance in details.

The free computer memory diagnostic utilities that mention below will running a series of memory checks by writing value on every memory chip location to see whether is faulty or not. Then you can decide whether or not you need to repair / replace a faulty memory RAM chip on your system.

Free Computer Memory Diagnostic Software:

Microsoft Windows Memory Diagnostic


Windows memory diagnostic software is a memory RAM tester that build by Microsoft. It can performs comprehensive set of memory tests on the Random Access Memory on your computer. The Memory diagnostic test will be run in multiple passes then identifying the failing memory components and provides you full test details about your computer RAM.

Windows memory diagnostic software can be run either by bootable floppy disk, or  burn ISO image to disk media using CD DVD burning software.

MemTest86+ Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

MemTest86+ is a complete RAM testing software that checks your computer’s memory for bad RAM chips. MemTest86+ is build based on MemTest86 V3.0, which provides similar memory diagnostic test functionality.

Besides testing your RAM for errors, MemTest86 also displays comprehensive hardware information about your motherboards like Front Side Bus (FSB) and memory frequencies, PAT status, memory timings, ECC status, and the number of memory channels.

MemTest86 Memory Diagnostic

Complete free Memory Diagnostic comes in the form of ISO images. You can burn MemTest86 Memory Diagnostic ISO images using burning software and create bootable CD. Once booted, MemTest86 will perform multiple memory tests to locate the most obscure memory problems. Then the memory test set will automatically repeat as often as you want to provide confirmation that the memory passed or failed the tests. Plus more, MemTest86 works under Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, Linux or any other PC operating system.

M2K MemScope

M2K MemScope is a free memory testing software program performs a wide variety of memory tests in an attempt to locate even the smallest issue with your memory. Many advanced memory testing options are available but the “Run All” test is equivalent to tests in other programs and is a safe bet if you’re not a memory expert. Plus more, MemScope is freely downloadable from M2K’s site and this memory testing software can be run via bootable floppy disk.


There are a lot of computer memory testing software over the internet. But the computer memory testing program that i mention can be download freely without paying a single cent. Plus more, all above computer memory diagnostic software support memory testing on SDRAM, DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 and etc.

If you know other free memory testing can perform similar memory test functionality. Share with us 🙂

Other notes: If you noticed there is no problem on your computer ram, perhaps you try RAM booster software to improve your computer memory RAM performance.