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Online FTP Client: Use FTP Online on Web Browser


Online FTP Client, new FTP (File Transfer Protocal) way to upload or delete files on your FTP server using web browser.  Online ftp client is consider very useful for those thinking using FTP services on their school, work, and the library computer that without any desktop Windows, Mac and Linux FTP Client software installed. Plus more, Online FTP client can consider the fastest solution for transferring files from anywhere in the world.

With the free online FTP client tools, one can connect to one’s FTP server from anywhere. This free service has made it possible for website administrators to upload, download, edit and generally manage files. So you don’t have to worry about carrying your laptop around for this purpose.

Besides that, online FTP client that i mention below supports variety of FTP technology like FTP, FTPS, SFTP and WebDAV.  It might be a quick and easy FTP solution to upload files on your ftp server.

Online FTP Client services:

AnyClient – Online Javascript FTP Clients

Online FTP Client - AnyClient

AnyClient is a web based java applet FTP client services, which similar like desktop FTP client has the classic two column view (the online files on the right and the offline files on the left) with the upload / download arrows.

Plus more, AnyClient online ftp services comes with a profile manager that lets you store site profiles locally. This way can save your time connect to any FTP site without filling login, assuming you don’t wipe your cookies on a regular basis.

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FTP Live – HTML FTP Client

FTPLive - Online FTP Services

FTP Live is a pure HTML web based ftp services which doesn’t requires any java component or other plugin. But FTP live services still can performs like desktop FTP software perform uploading and delete files from your FTP services. The only limitation of FTP live is lack of user friendly on their navigation and restricts the maximum upload size to 16MB.

That size can be raised in the Pro version. The Pro version allows you to upload up to 300MB, login via a secure (https) page, along with no ads.

Visit FTP Live – Online FTP services


Net2FTP - Web FTP Client

Net2FTP is an advanced online FTP services that provides the most similar functionality like desktop FTP client software. The FTP features that Net2FTP are chmoding, renaming, deleting, downloading, etc, uploading and can be done in three different ways like the standard upload form, the upload-and-unzip functionality, and the Java Applet.

Meanwhile, Net2FTP can copy or move to a 2nd FTP server which import files to your FTP server, or to export files from your FTP server to another FTP server. Beside that, Net2FTP has the Search files features for words or phrases which it can filter out files based on the filename, last modification time and file size.

Another useful feature of net2ftp provides HTML Code editor features that able to edit HTML and PHP files online with a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) form either using FCKEditor or TinyMCE. Plus more, Syntax highlighting features to highlight the PHP code syntax on code editor.

Beside that, Net2FTP also provides their online FTP client source code for public download. You can download the online FTP source code and build your own online FTP client hosted on your site.

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Jambai FTP Client – Web Based FTP Client

Jambai is a comprehensive online ftp client that allows you browse from directory to directory and see all the subdirectories and files. Besides performing basic FTP functionality like desktop FTP client, Jambai web based FTP client also saves the zip archive on the FTP server, or email it to someone.

The best part of Jambai FTP client is there is HTML editors and Code editor allows you edit HTML and PHP in an editor with syntax highlighting.

Visit Jambai FTP

Overall, net2FTP is the best online FTP client that i ever use. there are plenty of online FTP clients out there, which i don’t mention due to most of them is using Net2FTP code and build their own online FTP client brand name.

So, how do you think about online FTP client or you have a better online FTP client doesn’t mention. Let us know via comment 🙂