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Free F-Secure Rescue Bootable CD to Clean Virus and Malware


After introduced Kaspersky rescue CD and BitDefender rescue disk, here’s another rescue disk from F-Secure can clean virus and malware without booting operating system. Basically F-secure rescue CD functionality is similar like other rescue disk which perform anti virus scanning on all hard disk and USB drives attached to the computer only. Beside that, F-Secure rescue CD is the best ways to scan for MBR rootkit infections.

Meanwhile, F-Secure rescue CD Virus definition databases can be updated within two method either is using internet connection on computer or updated manually by using a USB drive. However, F-Secure rescue CD is provided on English version only.

if you interesting using F-Secure rescue disk, you can follow below step to create the rescue disk:

How to create F-Secure Rescue CD

1. Download F-Secure Rescue CD ISO file ( 155MB  size)

2.  Burn the F-Secure Rescue CD ISO images to disk media using burner software.

3. Boot up the computer with the CD and you’ll see a screen that looks like the image below. 4. You have 15 seconds to press ENTER to start the CD or it will boot normally via hard drive. Once pressing “Enter” button, it will start uncompressing Linux and boot the OS kernel.

5. Once F-secure rescue CD is loaded, Select Next and hit ” Enter ” key again for updating F-secure virus definition database via internet access or manually by using a USB drive. The virus definition update process will roughly take few minutes depending your internet access connection.

or you can download F-Secure Rescue CD virus definition updates to a USB drive using a healthy computer. This USB drive must be empty and 256mb or greater in size. Just download fsdbupdate.run file (40MB) and save it to the root directory of the USB drive. Insert the USB flash drive to the infected computer, boot up using F-Secure Rescue CD and follow the instructions.

F-Secure Rescue Disk loading screen

6. Click Next to agree the end user license agreement. At the next screen you get to select what to scan. To select or deselect an item on the list, use the space key and select Start Scan. While the scan is ongoing, you can hit Alt+F5 key to see details of files being scanned, Alt+F6 to see any malware found and Ctrl+C to cancel scanning.

For me, rescue CD becomes very useful which can simply boot up and can scan and remove infected virus and malware easily and minimize down the chances be infected again by the same virus and malware on your operating system.

However, the only limitation on F-Secure Rescue CD cannot scan encrypted disks.

Download F-Secure Rescue CD 3.00 ISO Zip