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How to Reset Bios Password Or Remove Bios Password On CMOS Battery


Forget your motherboard bios password? Here are three tutorial how to reset or remove Bios Password that allow clear your CMOS password. The first method is removing the battery on motherboard and second method is reset bios password on windows.

What is Bios Password?

Bios password information is normally store on a CMOS battery. Bios password is a type of security protection measure to stop unauthorized person making hardware configuration changes on system devices (Example: BIOS’s allow you to require a password to be entered before the BIOS setup may be accessed) Meanwhile, bios password also use security protection such as Some BIOS’s allow you to require a password be entered before the system will boot.

Tutorial One: Remove CMOS battery to reset bios password

This reset bios password is more suitable for desktop user. It is no recommended for laptop user unless you are experienced working with laptop hardware or the laptop warranty expired long time ago.

Reset Bios Password

To remove the bios password on CMOS battery, first you need unplug all the power source and USB cable. Then open the desktop casing and allocate the flat, circular and metallic CMOS battery. It should look something like the picture to the right.

Once allocated, take out the CMOS battery and wait 10 – 25 minutes before putting it back in. The reason for this wait is because the computer can still store power in its capacitors even though everything is unplugged. The waiting period allows enough time for them to discharge.

After that, Plug back the CMOS battery. Then all bios password will be clear and all computer devices hardware setting will be set factory default setting. In some cases, if you get weird error messages during bootup now, you will need to goto “Load BIOS Defaults” in BIOS and save the changes to fix them.

Tutorial Two: Reset Bios Password with PC CMOS Cleaner

PC Cmos cleaner is the best bios password remover for all desktop, server and laptop. As PC CMOS Cleaner is bootable bios password remover tool that recover, delete, decode and display the superior passwords stored in BIOS whatever the motherboard brand is.

Remove Bios Password

All you need is download-file is an ISO file named “PCCMOSCleaner_Free.ISO” which should be Burn into CD using ISO Image burner Software before using it. Once the bootable bios password remover loaded, the software will display ANY BIOS passwords or Set the BIOS to default state. It’s a useful tool for users to get their lost BIOS password back, or clean passwords from an old computer bought from others.

  • Support all x86, x86_64 Personal Computers.
  • Support most BIOS, such as: AWARD, AMI, Compaq, Phoenix, Samsung, IBM, Compaq, DTK, Thinkpad, Sony, Toshiba and so on.
  • Display the superior passwords of the BIOS.
  • Remove BIOS password (will set the BIOS to default status, need reset date).
  • Set the BIOS to default state

Download PC Cmos Cleaner  – Bios Password Remover Software

Tutorial Three: Bypass or Remove a BIOS Password using the manufacturer backdoor password

This tutorial normally is the last option if the above two tutorial can’t remove your password.

Some BIOS Manufactures implement a bios backdoor password for their own technicians to use so they can access the BIOS when the hardware is being serviced. However, BIOS manufacturers typically change the backdoor BIOS passwords from time to time. Plus more, these backdoor bios passwords are Case Sensitive.

AMI Backdoor BIOS Passwords


Award Backdoor BIOS Passwords

Award backdoor BIOS password includes is eight spaces. Other reported Award backdoor BIOS passwords include 01322222, 589589, 589721, 595595, 598598 , ALFAROME, ALLY, ALLy, aLLY, aLLy, aPAf, award, AWARD PW, AWARD SW, AWARD?SW, AWARD_PW, AWARD_SW, AWKWARD, awkward, BIOSTAR, CONCAT, CONDO, Condo, condo, d8on, djonet, HLT, J256, J262, j262, j322, j332, J64, KDD, LKWPETER, Lkwpeter, PINT, pint, SER, SKY_FOX, SYXZ, syxz, TTPTHA, ZAAAADA, ZAAADA, ZBAAACA, and ZJAAADC.

Phoenix Backdoor BIOS Passwords

Reported Phoenix BIOS backdoor passwords include BIOS, CMOS, phoenix, and PHOENIX.

I hope the above clear bios password or remove bios password tutorial able to assist you remove bios password easier. As you might save some money without paying expensive fees to expertise resetting your CMOS password. 🙂