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Best Free Anti RootKit and RootKit Removal Software To Remove RootKit


Here is a free Rootkit removal / Anti Rootkit / Rootkit detection tool for Windows to remove rootkit infection away from your computer system. Having Rootkit detection or RootKit removal software on computer is essential for any windows user. As Rootkits can lie hidden on computers and remain undetected by anti-virus software. Although new rootkits can be prevented from infecting the system, if you had any rootkits before you installed your anti-virus, they may never be revealed.

What is RootKit ?

Rootkits are program(s)which take fundamental control as Administrator access of a computer system, without authorization by the system’s owners and legitimate managers. Typically, rootkits act to obscure their presence on the system through subversion or evasion of standard operating system security mechanisms. Often, they are also Trojans as well, thus fooling users into believing they are safe to run on their systems. Techniques used to accomplish this can include concealing running processes from monitoring programs, or hiding files or system data from the operating system.

Rootkits may also install a “back door” in a system by replacing the login mechanism (such as /bin/login) with an executable that accepts a secret login combination, which, in turn, allows an attacker to access the system, regardless of the changes to the actual accounts on the system.

So, there are a lot of free Anti Rootkit or RootKit removal programs available on the internet, which do not require much technical ability and are also very effective to remove rootkit from your computer. Meanwhile, some Rootkit detection or RootKit removal software also support Windows 7.

Over here, I have gather a list of free Anti Rootkit or RootKit removal software from the major anti-virus vendors and others.

Free Anti RootKit or RootKit removal software list:

Panda RootKit Remover – Free Windows Rootkit Remover Software

panda anti rootkit

Panda Anti Rootkit is a free anti rootkit software that detects and removes hidden rootkit from windows system. Panda anti rootkits using most advance rootkit detection technology to track hacking tracks or to insert threats surreptitiously on compromised computers.

Meanwhile, Panda anti rootkit software can analyzes hidden drivers, processes, modules, files, registry entries, SDT modifications, EAT hooks, modification to the IDT, non standard INT2E and SYSENTER, IRP hooks. Plus more, Panda Anti-Rootkit positively identifies known and unknown rootkits and gives the option of removing them, including their associated registry entries, processes and files.

Sophos Anti RootKit – Free Anti RootKit Software

sophos anti rootkit

Sophos Anti RootKit, a free windows rootkit remover that provides extra security layer protection to scan, detects and removes any rootkit that is hidden on your computer. While all rootkit detection result gives you details about each detected rootkit result as well as a recommendation for them. Additionally, a small help file is available that explains the program in a little more detail and gives directions on how to use the command line anti-rootkit tool which is also included.

McAfee RootKit Detective – Free McAfee Anti RootKit Remover

Free anti rootkit program designed and developed by McAfee Avert Labs to proactively detect and clean rootkits that are running on the system.

McAfee RootKit Detective]

This anti rootkit application able to detect the system objects like processes, files and registry that are hidden to the user. Besides that, it also allows the user to clean/remove the malicious objects from the system by renaming/deleting the hidden files/registry or terminates the malicious processes. Plus more, This McAfee is not dependent on any signatures and can proactively detect most of the existing and upcoming rootkit.

So, the above anti rootkit removal software able to assist windows user againsts rootkit attack on their computer.

Other anti rootkit that available on the internet:

If you know other anti rootkit / rootkit removal software should include on the list. Let us know and share with our readers. 🙂