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Free Windows Data Backup Software To Backup Computer Data


Since data loss is a common computer disaster. Here is the free Windows data backup software list that allows you backup data and stored it as additional backup copies for any future data restoration purpose. With these Windows data backup tools, you can regularly backing up hard drive data to ensure your important data is fully stored on safe place and protected.

Normally data backup software are useful for two purposes. The first purpose is to restore a state following a disaster (called disaster recovery). The second purpose is to restore small numbers of files after they have been accidentally deleted or corrupted.

As you know, there are a lot of commercial Windows data backup and free Windows data backup over the Internet. But we will only exploring those free Windows data backup software to help windows user backup data automatically or manually. So, below is the free Windows backup software list will assisting windows user backup / restore data easily on your personal windows computer.

Free Windows Data Backup Software List:

Personal Backup – Windows Data Backup Software

Personal Backup - Free Personal Windows File Backup Software

Personal Backup is an open source Windows data backup software that backing up important files both locally and over a network using FTP or SFTP protocols. All file backups can be backup in the form of full backups, incremental backups, and differential backups with compression and encryption technology included. Mea, Personal Backup can perform backup by manually or automatically or make a scheduled backup with daily or weekly with different destination backup paths.

More detail: Personal Backup – Free Personal Windows File Backup Software

Download Personal Backup

Fbackup – Free Windows Data Backup Software

FBackup - Free Windows Backup Software

Fbackup is a free windows back up software that backup your important data automatically to any USB / Firewire device, local or network storage location. Best of all, FBackup windows backup software even allow you pre-selects folders such as your ‘My Pictures’ folder to backup or backup email data completely. Plus more, all backup data can be either compressed (using standard zip compression) or an exact copy of the original files.

More Details: FBackup – Free Windows Data backup software

Download FBackup – Free Windows Data backup

Cobian Backup – Free Windows File Backup Program

Cobian Backup - Free Windows Backup Software

Cobian Backup is a comprehensive multi threader backup method to backup files and directories to other storage directories or network storage folder. Windows user can schedule the backup task automatically either by timer, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, once or manually. It offers four data backup methods such as full backup, incremental backup, differential backup and dummy. Plus more, all backups files are supports several methods of compression and strong encryption.

More details: Cobian Backup – Free Windows File Backup Program

Download Cobian Backup

Cucku Backup – Free Online Remote Data Backup Software

Cucku Backup - Free Online Remote Backup

Data backup software automates local and remote backup functionality for computer user. Cucku Backup will automatically select what to backup, including email, bookmarks, open files and other vital data then chooses the best place to store your backups to local drive, network storage drive or external hard drive. Once performing backup, Cucku backup local backup copies first then automatically sends an encrypted copy of your data offsite to your backup partner for safekeeping using Skype private VoIP network.

More details: Cucku Backup – Free Online Remote Data Backup Software


AceBackup – Free Windows File Backup Application

Ace Backup - Free Windows Backup Restore Software

AceBackup is a powerful free Windows data backup tool that create completely secure backups of your data on any local storage device, on CD, DVD or on your remote FTP server. Beside data backup features, AceBackup also provides file restoration task to restore back the file based on the data backup with AceBackup.

All data backup that created can be encrypted with five encryption types such as: Rijndael 128 bit, Rijndael 192 bit, Rijndael 256 bit, Blowfish 128 bit and Triple-DES 128bit. Plus more, Acebackup has a simple user-friendly interface allows you to directly back up your data from Windows Explorer with just one mouse click.

More details: Ace Backup – Free Windows File Backup Tools

Download Ace Backup

Comodo Backup – Free Windows Data Backup Tools

Comodo Backup - Free Windows Data Backup Tool

Comodo backup offers the most of data backups functionality that you require. It can completely duplicate files and folders to local / network storage drives, FTP servers and etc. All backups can be stored as incremental backups and store either as Zip files or burn data directly to CD/DVD re-writers with CD DVD Burning software

More details: Comodo Backup – Free Windows Data Backup Tools

Comodo backup

GFI Backup – Free Windows Data Backup Software

gfi backup - free Windows data backup

GFI Backup performs a complete and secure computer backup on a regular basis. With GFI Backup, you can easily back up your computer files such as your resume, music files, photos and other important documents. The easy-to-use wizard-driven user interface offers numerous storage options enabling you to perform a complete computer backup, eliminating the threat of losing all your computer files because of a hardware error or virus.

More details: GFI Backup – Free Data Backup Software

Download GFI Backup

Yadis Backup – Free Backup Software to backup data

Yadis Backup - Free Windows Data Backup

Free Windows backup software that allows windows user backup their personal data files instantly to local and FTP backups storage. The most important backup parameters are the source and destination directory for the backup, which you can setup within few backup configuration parameters setup only.

More Details: Yadis Backup

Download Yadis Backup

Easeus To Do Backup – Free Data Backup Software

easeus todo backup

EASEUS Todo Backup offers various Windows data backup method to save your important data or system file to a safe storage device. The smart wizard driven interfaces allow you perform mirror image, clone hard disk, or backup your data into hard drive or CD/DVD task easily.

More details: Easeus Todo Backup & Easeus Todo Backup 5

Download Easeus Todo Backup

Dmailer Backup – Windows data backup Software that support online and local storage

dmailer backup - free mac backup software

Dmailer Backup can consider as perfect Windows data backup solution for backing up photos, videos, music files and all of your other important documents. As you can backup your important data on Dmailer’s Online Backup storage or backup locally to any storage device you choose (external hard drive, USB device, MP3 Player, etc).

More details: Dmailer Backup Software

Download Dmailer Backup Software


Backing up personal data regularly with above free Windows data backup tools will definitely ease your life better. Since we can’t predict when will your computer hard drives damages but also (partially) unreadable CDs or DVDs, computer virus attacks but also human error. But it is good that windows user perform data backup regularly to avoid data lost disaster.

Share with us and let us know via comment. If you know any free Windows data backup software program should be included on the above list.