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Sardu 2: Create Multiple Antivirus and Utility Rescue Disk / USB


Previously we have mention Sardu bootable disk rescue creator before. Recently the Sardu developer has released the latest version 2, which includes new features and an improved user interface.

What is Sardu Bootable Disk Rescue Creator?

Sardu is a bootable disk rescue creator that can produce an CD / DVD or an USB with multi-boot support. It includes a comprehensive collections of bootable antivirus rescue cd, collections of utilities, the most popular distributions of Linux Live, the best known Windows PE © and recovery disks.

Antivirus Rescue DiskAvira AntiVir Rescue System, BitDefender antivirus Rescue CD, Dr.Web Live CD, PC Tool AOSS, AVG Rescue CDF-Secure Antivirus Rescue, GDATA Rescue CD, Kaspersky ‘Kav Rescue CD’ and Panda Safe Cd.

Utility: Floppy win98SE, Gparted, NT password Recovery, Parted Magic, Ophcrack, Redo Backup Live, Trinity Rescue CD, System Rescue CD, Ultimate Boot CD and CloneZilla.

Linux: Austrumi, Damn Small Linux, LiMP, Puppy Linux, xPUD, ubuntu, kbuntu and Slax.
Windows PE: LiveXP, MegalabCD, WindowsPE, UBCD4WIN, and VistaPE.

Besides that, the user interface of Sardu also revamps to more easy to use and understand more the functionality of the applications.

What’s new on Sardu 2 Disk Rescue Creator?

  • New graphics
  • New engine for ISO
  • New engine for USB
  • Folder ISO at user’s choice
  • SARDU’s ISO at user’s choice
  • Copy of USB not freeze
  • New Tab for report
  • Add Direct Download for ISO’s
  • Added ability to block and exit sardu while sardu working
  • Add Redo Backup Live CD
  • Add xPUD Linux
  • Add Phoronix Test Suite

How to create Sardu 2 Bootable Disk Rescue Creator:

1. Download latest SARDU version and extract SARDU zip files to a new folder. Then you can find sardu.exe on the new folder.

2. Once activate Sardu.exe, you will notice presence of four product categories: Antivirus, Utilities, Linux, and PE. Each category has its own form with their buttons that lead to the page to download the software includes on the bootable disc. Then your default web browser will open with the link to download the latest ISO. Then save the file to the ISO folder where sardu.exe is located.

Sardu Antivirus Bootable CD Creator

3. When you’ve finished downloading the ISO files, close sardu.exe and reopen sardu.exe. You will notice that SARDU has automatically put a check on the checkbox if the ISO image is found. If the checkbox is grayed out even though you think you’ve downloaded the file, then most likely you’ve downloaded the wrong one. The file has to be in ISO format, not ZIP or EXE.

4. You can either click on the “Disk Icon” button to compile all the ISO images into a single ISO to burn it to a DVD using burning software or click the “USB Icon” button to install it to your USB flash drive.

5. When you have your SARDU USB flash drive or DVD ready, boot it up and you should get a multiboot screen like the image below.

Sardu Bootable antivirus

Download Shardana Antivirus Rescue CD